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Publisher : Navayana, DC Books
Edition : 1
Year : 2017
ISBN : 9352820495
Binding : Paper Bind
No of pages : 278
Size : 1/8 DEMY SIZE
ISBN : 9352820495
Code : 11215454

Gauri Lankesh was the definitive activist journalist, someone whose head and heart worked as one to encompass her life. Gathered here is a selection from Gauri"s writings, spanning languages, publications and the length of her career. It flags the unfinished work and uphill struggles that remain her legacy, but also preserves her companionable voice for us to cherish, a talisman and inspiration. She was taken away from us in the middle of life, of living busily, large heartedly and with a clear gaze on the world—the qualities that animate this collection.

There is a wild flower with petals like tongues of flame called Gauri hoovu.

ಲೇಖಕರ ಇತರ ಕೃತಿಗಳು
ಕಪ್ಪು ಮಲ್ಲಿಗೆ : ....
ಗೌರಿ ಲಂಕೇಶ್, Gowri Lankesh
Rs. 75    Rs. 68
ಕಂಡಹಾಗೆ : ಸಂಗ್ರಹ ....
ಗೌರಿ ಲಂಕೇಶ್, Gowri Lankesh
Rs. 125    Rs. 113
ಗಿಡುಗಗಳಿಗೆ ಬಲಿಯಾದ ಗಿಳಿ ....
ಗೌರಿ ಲಂಕೇಶ್, Gowri Lankesh
Rs. 25    Rs. 23
ಕಂಡಹಾಗೆ : ಸಂಗ್ರಹ ....
ಗೌರಿ ಲಂಕೇಶ್, Gowri Lankesh
Rs. 150    Rs. 135
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